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Ooh, I have always thought Mailchimp seems easy but there are some pretty hard things to grasp under the hood. So I found this site today which I think is very interesting.

Check it out if you really want to take Mailchimp from straightforward emails, to a marketing tool for your business.


As the words Contact, Subscribers and Campaigns are used in Salesforce and in Mailchimp, I will always use the term MC Campaigns, MC Subscribers, SF Contacts and SF Campaigns to distinguish them. 


What Mailchimp for Salesforce can do

  • MC Lists and MC Subscribers are visible in SF.
  • MC Subscribers are matched up with SF Contacts or SF Leads based on Email Address.
  • MC Subscribers that subscribe on your website can be created as Leads in SF automatically. 
  • MC Campaigns are visible in SF.
  • All Mailchimp Campaign Stats are visible in SF (see Warnings).
  • You can subscribe SF Contacts to MC Lists (see Contacts).
  • You can unsubscribe SF Contacts to MC Lists.
  • You can bulk add and automatically add SF Contacts, Leads or SF Campaign Members to MC Lists (see Queries).
  • You can view a Subscriber record in MC from SF
  • Lots and lots of Reports in SF (See Reports).

What Mailchimp for Salesforce can't do

  • Check the Email Opt Out field in SF if the MC Subscriber unsubscribes in MC. See Example Process - Mailchimp Unsubscribe for a way to do this with Process Builder.
  • Unsubscribe a SF Contact or SF Lead from MC Lists if the Email Opt Out field is checked. (You need to unsubscribe them through the Manage Subscriptions button on the Contact or Lead form).
  • Override any data already in SF - eg if your MC List has Address details, when this MC Subscriber is linked to a Contact is SF it will not update the Address in SF.
  • Add data to new fields mapped to MC lists unless the record has changed in Salesforce. See
    • Export the data from Salesforce and import to Mailchimp to update those fields.

Contacts and Leads

These screen shots show the SF Contacts Record. The SF Lead is set up the same.

Note: There are two layouts and one field that can be added to page layouts - I've added the Membership layout and the MC Subscriber field. The Subscriber layout takes up too much vertical space.

(Note that the MC Subscriber field only shows information based on the first List that that email address was found in, if you have multiple lists.

This is the Subscriber layout - it is shown in a full page when you click the Manage Subscriptions button on the SF Contact or SF Lead record.

From here you can subscribe or unsubscribe this SF Contact or SF Lead from the MC Lists shown. If there are Groups or Segments, you can modify them here also.

If the MC Subscriber has unsubscribed, the layout looks like this

It is up to you if you manually check Email Opt Out so that this is visible on regular Contact or Lead reports.

If the MC Subscriber email address bounced, this is what the layout looks like

Clicking on the MC Subscriber field shows the MC Subscriber screen - a very useful screen

From here you can see:

  • The latest opens, clicks and emails sent.
  • The Contact(s) and Lead(s) this email address is synced to in SF.

From here you can:

  • Click on the View Subscriber in MC link to open MC and see that subscriber in MC.
  • Click on the Manage Subscriptions button to go back to the Subscriber screen.


This is where the real power of Mailchimp comes in. You can sync any SF Contacts or SF Leads meeting any criteria, or SF Campaign Members to MC automatically. Eg you could

  • Add anyone that purchases a product from your website to MC automatically
  • Add anyone that attended an event (that you managed through Campaigns) to MC automatically
  • Add anyone with particular fields set in SF to a particular Group or Segment in MC automatically

See how to create queries here

Basic setup instructions for Campaigns

  • Create a Campaign in SF
  • Add Contacts (or Leads) to that Campaign as Campaign Members
  • Go to the MC Setup tab in the Mailchimp App in SF
  • Click New Query
  • Select the MC List to add the SF Campaign Members to.
  • If necessary, choose the Groups and Segments that these SF Campaign Members will be added to
  • Click Next Step
  • Check Campaign Members
  • Select the SF Campaign name from the lookup icon next to the Value field
  • Click Next Step
  • This shows you a preview of the first 2000 Campaign Members in the SF Campaign
  • Click Next Step
  • Enter a name for this Query
  • Choose to run daily at 1:00AM (or any time that suits).
  • Click Save & Run

This will sync those email addresses to MC and add them as MC Subscribers.

On the MC Setup tab click Sync Now to see that the number of MC Subscribers for that list has increased.

The Mailchimp Member Queries list will also show how many subscribers have been added.

Any new SF Contacts or SF Leads that you add to that Campaign will now sync to MC automatically.

Ensuring Mailchimp Member Queries are Scheduled to Run

Go to MC Setup tab
Under Mailchimp Member Queries
Click Schedule button
Set your preffered time and click either Save or Save & Run Button
At the top of the screen, click the Turn on Hourly Sync button.
Set a reminder for yourself to ensure this is running. The results will appear under the Last Run column.

NOTE: If Turn on Hourly Sync is NOT selected, the sync will not occur.


Data Flow

From Mailchimp

  • Person comes to your website, enters their details to subscribe to your marketing list (and groups if they are implemented).
  • Person's details are added as a Subscriber in MC. 
  • On the hour, the MC Subscribers are synced with SF. 
  • All of the details including the Groups and Segments that that MC Subscriber are in, are created in SF.
  • If that email address already exists in SF.
    • The MC Subscriber data matches with the SF Contact and the details are shown on the SF Contact record OR
    • The MC Subscriber data matches with the Lead and the details are shown on the SF Lead record. 
  • If that email address does not exist in SF. 
    • MC will create a Lead in SF (if you have that feature turned on) OR
    • The MC Subscriber data will just exist in SF - not visible to anyone (unless you show the MC Subscriber tab - see Tips below).
  • When that person is sent an email via MC a record is created in SF. Other records are created when:
    • They open an email
    • They click on a link in an email
  • If that email address bounces when you send an email to them (hard bounce):
    • The MC Subscriber is "cleaned" (ie removed from the List).
    • On the hour the cleaned status is synced to SF.
    • The SF Contact or SF Lead record is shown as cleaned against that list.
      • Note: This only removes the MC Contact from the one List - the SF Contact only shows data on the Contact record for one List - it may not be the list that was cleaned - you will have to click on the Manage Subscriptions button to see the status of that SF Contact against each MC List.
    • If the email address soft bounces, it will still show as subscribed on the SF Contact.
  • When that person updates their profile to change the groups they subscribe to:
    • The groups are changed in MC
    • On the hour the new status is synced to SF
    • The SF Contact or SF Lead record shows the new Groups when you click on Manage Subscriptions.
  • When that person unsubscribes from the Mailing List:
    • They are marked as unsubscribed in MC.
    • On the hour the status is synced to SF.
    • The SF Contact or SF Lead record is shown as Unsubscribed.
      • Note: This only unsubscribes the MC Contact from the one List - the SF Contact only shows data on the Contact record for one List - it may not be the list that was unsubscribed from - you will have to click on the Manage Subscriptions button to see the status of that SF Contact against each MC List. This is why it is a good idea to not have multiple MC Lists.
    • NOTE: The Email Opt Out field in SF is NOT automatically checked when they unsubscribe. This is not really necessary. If you do want it, it could probably be achieved by a custom trigger.

From Salesforce

  • The SF Contact or SF Lead has Email Opt Out checked
    • If that Contact or Lead is added to a Query to auto add to MC, that SF Contact or SF Lead will NOT be created as a MC Subscriber.
  • You check the Email Opt Out field and the SF Contact or SF Lead is already a subscriber on a MC List.
  • You subscribe a SF Contact or SF Lead to a MC List.
    • On the hour, the List is synced to MC
    • The Contact is added as a MC Subscriber on that list.
  • You unsubscribe a SF Contact or SF Lead from a MC List.
    • On the hour, the List is synced to MC
    • The Contact is unsubscribed from the MC List.


MC for SF comes with a number of standard reports including

  • All Recent Activity by Campaign
  • Recent Opens by List
  • Recent Unsubscribes by List
  • Recently Created Leads from Mailchimp.

Some sample reports that you can create

  • MC Subscribers and SF Contacts or SF Leads
  • MC Subscriber activity against SF Contacts or SF Leads
  • SF Contacts that have recently unsusbscribed or been cleaned.


Mailchimp Subscribers Search

The MC Subscriber record in Salesforce contains the email Address of the Subscriber. When you do a general search in SF for that email address the MC Subscriber record is not found in the search. To add MC Subscribers (or any other custom object) to the search you need to create a tab for that object, and set it to be Default Off or Default On (not Hidden) for all profiles that need to search on this.

Then you can search on the email address in Salesforce, and when you click Search All, the MC Subscribers records will be shown.


Be careful installing this or Campaign Monitor into an org that is tight on data storage. Or clean up your lists in Mailchimp before setting this up. An org I worked with had over 30 lists in Mailchimp, most of them with the same people in it, so it creates a record for every contact in every list - and as every record in Salesforce takes 2kb of data, it quickly added up, and was around 10% of their Salesforce data. 

Mailchimp creates a record in Salesforce for EVERY subscriber in Mailchimp - regardless as to whether they exist in Salesforce. Be very careful with this for large lists. 

Ensure when you are setting up the lists that you choose to "Sync Subscribers Only" to minimise the amount of data in Salesforce.

Data Storage

It seems that the following records are created:

  • 1 record for each List in MC - MC4SF__MC_List__c
  • 1 record for each MC Campaign - MC4SF__MC_Campaign__c (question)
  • 1 record for each hour, for the first 24 hours of each MC Campaign - MC4SF__MC_Campaign_Hourly_Stats__c (question)
  • 1 record for each Group in each List in MC - MC4SF__MC_Interest_Group__c
  • 1 record for each MC Subscriber's group preferences for each Group in each List in MC - MC4SF__MC_Interest_Group__c
  • 1 record for each MC Segment in each List in MC - MC4SF__MC_Static_Segment__c
  • 1 record for each field in each List in MC - MC4SF__MC_Merge_Variable__c (question)
  • 1 record for each MC Query in SF - MC4SF__MC_Query__c
  • 1 record for each filter condition in each MC Query in SF - MC4SF__MC_Query_Filter__c
  • 1 record for each MC Subscriber in each List. If one person is in two or more lists, that creates two records in SF, even though only one record is shown on the SF Contact page. These records are created regardless of whether the person with that email address is a SF Contact or Lead - MC4SF__MC_Subscriber__c
  • 1 record for each action each MC Subscriber takes with your Campaign email (Subscriber Activity). If one MC Subscriber opens your email 4 times, that's 4 records in SF. NOTE: You usually can't even see this data in SF because you get the error message "Maximum view state size limit (135KB) exceeded" - MC4SF__MC_Subscriber_Activity__c (question)

Remember that each record creates 2kb of data storage inside of Salesforce, so for a large Mailchimp setup, this can quickly chew up your data in Salesforce. 

I would really like to see an option on installation that splits this up into two sets of data - subscriber data and campaign data (the ones marked with a (question) above). You should be able to install Mailchimp for Salesforce without the overhead of the campaign data, as it adds nothing to the value of the app (except for maybe having Salesforce users not having to log into Mailchimp to see the stats, which is of little benefit).

Or at least choose to only sync the latest X days of campaign data, and it would bring back only the Campaigns and Subscriber activity in that time frame. 

Fabulous! this is now an option in MC4SF so I will have no hesitation in recommending this app now.

Mailchimp Usage Tips

Remember, in Salesforce, Organisations (Accounts) do not have email addresses. You email a person, not a company.

If the Organisation really does not have a contact, then create a dummy Contact like Default Contact Company name and add the email address there.

Note that Mailchimp will not import role based email addresses, but you can add them manually if you really want.   


Only have one list in Mailchimp, unless there is a very good reason to not. 

When you have one list, when the person clicks the unsubscribe link they have to unsubscribe from ALL communications. To unsubscribe just from the newsletter, then they need to update their profile. To do this, I think you need to modify your links at the bottom of the emails to two links:

  • Update your profile to change which emails you receive from us - goes to the profile form (see below)
  • Unsubscribe from all emails from us - goes to the unsubscribe form. 

See this video

If the person unsubscribes from the list it will mark them as Unsubscribed in SF, so you should honour that. 
So it may be valid to have the following groups:
  • Newsletter
  • Events
  • Regular emails from us

People can modify groups in their profile, but you can also have private groups that you decide how and when MC Contacts are added to them (either by using SF Queries or from within MC).
You create a signup form with the groups on it so that people can choose which groups they subscribe to. On your website you can either just add a link to the subscribe form, or create an embedded form - that is just a simpler version of the signup form, but still includes all the profile fields. 



  • You have some people that have signed up on MC and are not in SF - they have said that they have the interest of Dogs. You create a segment in MC to include where anyone has said they like Dogs in the groups. Call it "Doggy Peeps". 
  • Then you set up a MC Query in SF to combine that list with all the people in your "Dog Owners" Campaign or even just people with a Contact Type of "Dog Owner" or Lead Source of "Dog Show" if you had such a field. 
  • So the MC Segment "Doggy Peeps" includes those that are subscribed only by MC and say they are interested in Dogs, those that may or may not be in SF and have updated their profile to say that they are interested in Dogs, and those that you have explicitly added via your SF Campaign (or query on Contacts or Leads).
  • So now you can send an email to the segment of "Doggy Peeps" about the latest news for your 4-legged friends. 
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  1. Anonymous

    This is such a great post, Jodie.

    We are having one of the problems you pointed out above: Our Subscriber Activity is out of control. Is there a way we can delete that subscriber activity from Salesforce, as far as you know?

    Thank you for your help!


    1. Hi Peter, thanks for the Comment.
      I had a similar issue. I had to set the new setting to ensure that Subscriber Activity will not be created anymore.
      Then I truncated the Subscriber Activity object. Sounds extreme, but I really needed to get rid of that data out of my client's org.

    2. Anonymous

      I have the same problem. Subscriber Activity is taking up 25% of my org's storage. I have to find a way to get that out of there! Anyone have any ideas?

      1. Anonymous

        The absence of a delete button is annoying. I took the MC campaign IDs, put them into a spreadsheet, and used an upload tool (like Data Loader) to delete them.

  2. Anonymous

    Very interesting post, more detailed and explicit than the doc from Mailchimp.

    I didn't find this "new setting to ensure that Subscriber Activity will not be created anymore". I would turn on, in my org it seems that it's turn off by default as i have any subsciber activity data. 

    I installed the last version : 

    • Version: April 12, 2015 v.1.63 / 1.63.0


  3. Anonymous

    Great Post. We've had to do periodic updates to delete our Mailchimp subscriber activity. As Jodie points out the included Visualforce pages that you can add to the page layout take up a ton of real-estate and some don't really display relevant information, making them unusable. To fix this problem, you can install the free app Lookup Helper which will match up your MC Subscriber Activity records automatically to the contact / lead record and display them in a native Salesforce related list. A lot less clicking around and native salesforce UI. Check it out,

  4. Anonymous


    Our organization was thinking of implementing MC4SF. But we were meeting problems when converting leads into contacts. We have 2 MailChimp lists one for leads and one for contacts. When we converted a lead into a contact, their email would stay in the Lead Mailchimp list and be added to the Contact Mailchimp list.

    Do you have any solutions for this?



    1. Hi Melissa, my first point is to only ever use one List in Mailchimp - see above for the reasons. Then use MC Groups to set them as Lead or Contact. When the Lead is converted to Contact, add them to the Contact group. Create a MC Segment for subscribers that have a group of Lead but don't also have the Contact group - that is your Leads Segment, then a MC Segment for the Contacts Group - that is your Contacts Segment. I haven't tested this, but that is where I would start. I don't think there is a way to do a MC Query to remove a Lead or Contact from a MC Group. 

  5. Anonymous

    is there a way to auto Add to Campaign from Leads Object. I have a custom field in Leads that has the name of the Campaign. There must be some way to automatically add the Lead to the campaign without having to manually click on "Add To Campaign"

    1. OK, I am going to assume you are talking about Mailchimp Campaigns here because this page is all about Mailchimp Campaigns, not Salesforce Campaigns. See Campaigns for more details. If you want to auto add a Lead or Contact to a Salesforce Campaign by the value of a Custom field then try process builder. But I'm thinking there is something not quite right with your processes if this is how you are using Campaigns. 

      For automatically adding Leads to a Mailchimp Campaign use the Mailchimp Query to add all Leads where that Custom Field = a specific value, and set that up for each one of your custom Campaigns. 

  6. Anonymous

    We are using mailchimp free version to send mass email and integrate with salesforce. I turn on hourly syncing to sync between mailchimp and salesforce. Syncing works fine except member activity data. Member activity is not syncing unless go to contact and click on sync button. 

    why member activity data is not synching? is there any settings required to sync member activity? Please help me 



    1. Sorry, not sure. I specifically Don't Sync Member activity because it is such a lot of data to add to Salesforce. If you don't have a lot of users, and therefore don't have a lot of data, why pay stupidly expensive Salesforce data rates to store data in Salesforce that is duplicated in Mailchimp. Just click on the Subscriber link on the contact to see the member activity in Mailchimp. 

  7. Anonymous

    Hi Jodie

    I am trying to add SF campaign members to a MC campaign, when I get to step 2 and try add a campaign my search returns no campaigns even though I have multiple campaigns in SF. The salesforce help section has not been helpful.


    1. Are your Salesforce Campaigns Active? That always trips me up.

  8. Anonymous

    Jodie - THANK YOU so much for such a helpful article. I am using MC4SF with some limited success. On the MC Setup page, it has an error that says, "There are configuration settings preventing MailChimp for Salesforce from updating or creating Contacts from your subscribers. Please check Contacts for required fields, validation rules, etc. in order to allow MailChimp for Salesforce to function correctly."

    I've checked required fields and validation rules and don't see anything that would cause this error. I thought maybe it was because SF needed to know the Account ID, Record Type, and Owner ID so in the Mailchimp list SignUp page, I added these as hidden fields and populated them all with the correct SF ID number but I still get the error. The result is that when I run a query to update the MC segments so I can send emails to those segments, the query itself says "Success" but it's not actually putting any of my SF contacts into the Segments I created in MC. 

    Do you have any ideas? Thank you. 

    Lara Marsh

    Rotary District 6000 Xicotepec Project



    1. Anonymous

      Dear Lara, 


      I got the same problem, did you find out how to solve this?




      1. Anonymous

        Same problem. Any ideas?

        1. Oh sorry all, I have not experienced this issue so I'm not sure. 

          Please contact ask to have this dealt with by their Salesforce team. 

          Please let us know if you get a resolution. 

          1. Anonymous

            Thanks for the tip Jodie Miners, by the way congratulations for your wiki, it's great!


            1. Anonymous

  9. Anonymous

    This is a great article and really helped me with understand this app.
    I have a question regarding MC Campaigns, if I try to add a campaign from Salesforce, I do not see an option to select MC templates for the campaign. It just allows me to create Plain-text type campaign, which is completely unexpected. Is that the expected behaviour or am I missing something. Any kind of help will be greatly appreciated.

    Thanks in advance,


    1. Don't try to add a Campaign from Salesforce. Do Mailchimp Stuff in Mailchimp, and do syncing of Contacts and Leads from Salesforce. 

  10. Anonymous

    This has been a very helpful article.  One thing I just want to absolutely verify because I can't find it spelled out anywhere in any SF - MC documentation.  If an email address is changed in SF and that person is a subscriber within MC, will that email address get updated in MC (and assuming lists are set up according to best practices using groups and segments).  This article specifically addresses OptOut flags, and I have seen info about mailing address changes syncing, but since the email address is the connector between the 2 systems, I would like to get this absolutely verified.  Thanks. Julie

    1. I am pretty sure it won't get updated as Emails are unique in Mailchimp. Why don't you do a test, and update us back on this thread as to your results. 

      1. Anonymous

        Hi Jodie,

        I have a question related to this, but with the change happening in the other direction.  If a subscriber changes their own email address via the link at the bottom of an email they receive, that change is updated in MC, but should I also expect to see the change in SF under the MC Subscriber info?  I don't expect the actual SF Email field to be updated without some kind of trigger in place, but I was surprised to find that the MC Subscriber info on the SF contact's page didn't reflect the change when I tested this out, even after I clicked on the manual sync and several hours had passed. Do you know if this is a glitch or if it's simply not a functionality of the integration?

        Thanks for your help,



  11. Anonymous

    Is this for MC4SF or the salesforce integration?


    1. It is MCFSF

      I have never used the "Salesforce Integration" built into Mailchimp Campaigns - It is quite limiting I think. 

  12. Anonymous

    To my mind much easier is to use a 3rd party tool for Salesforce Mailchimp integration, like this one -

  13. Anonymous

    Hi Jodie. Thank you so much for publishing this article. Hoping you could clarify two pieces of the article.

    1. Merging SF contacts with existing MC subscribers - If SF contact is manually created for an existing MC Subscriber (same email address) and that contact is later sync'd to MC, will MC4SF automatically link and sync the SF contact with the exiting MC subscriber along with any SF field data associated with the contact?
    2. MC Campaign data sync'd to SF - In your article, you state above; "All MailChimp Campaign Stats are visible in SF", but this MC article makes a conflicting statement:

      When is my campaign activity updated?

      Campaign activity is updated during the hourly sync. This process will provide a snapshot of campaign activity, but is not intended to be used to build reports. During the hourly sync, campaign activity is updated for the 25 most recently added subscribers to your list. Reports are generated from the campaign activity for only these 25 subscribers.

      This is confusing. Could you please clarify which statement is possibly incorrect, or we're talking about two different sync scenarios?

    Thanks so much for your help,


    1. Hi Bryan. When I said All MailChimp Campaign Stats are visible in SF that is referring to the columns Emails Sent, Clicks, Forwards, Unsubscribes in the Mailchimp Campaigns List on the MC Setup tab in Salesforce. I am not talking about Subscriber Activity - eg which subscribers have clicked on which links or opened which emails, which that help article is referring to. 

      I never import subscriber activity because it just takes up too much data in Salesforce. 


      Hmm, that merge question is very interesting so I tried it out. 


      • Created a Subscriber in MC - very basic details only - no fields or groups
      • Synced MC List
      • Ran a Report on MC Subscribers - found the subscriber and viewed the MC Subscriber record - it had no Lead or Contact attached. 
      • Created the Lead - with group data
      • NOTE: It was automatically linked with MC Subscriber record - This is GREAT, and as expected. 
      • Ran the Query that would add that Lead to the MC List. 
      • Looked at the MC Subsciber record for that lead - ALL fields and groups updated - this is GREAT!. 
      • Looked at the Subscriber in MC - updated with the fields and groups - as expected. 

      So yes, it does merge very well. 


      1. Hmm, now I read that help document again and I don't know... 

        The sentence "Reports are generated from the campaign activity for only these 25 subscribers."

        Is that Salesforce Reports? 

        I don't know. 

        Bryan would you like to contact Mailchimp Support and get back to us about that? 

  14. Anonymous


    Do you know how often MC Campaign Activity gets updated? We tried to refresh data, but somehow its not working as expected, and it imported data for two campaigns and anything older is not imported.

    We would like to get all activity history as of 2015, therefore I am wandering is that possible to do it with native mailchimp Salesforce plugin?

    Thank you,


    1. Hi Allen, I think you might find the answer in the comment above from Bryan. 

      It only seems to import activity for the 25 most recent subscribers - which is weird. 

      Have you got your list set up to import Subscriber Activity also? 

      Sorry, I don't import Subscriber Activity so I don't know the answer to this one. 

  15. Anonymous

    Sorry i repeat the question over here i've not found the answer anywhere.

    Q : I can access all things from MC package which i've installed but the one thing missing is MC Templates how do i access MC tmeplates , I want all the MC temp into my SF org and send it according to my filter but i really not found any solution please help me out.

    Thanks in Advance.

  16. Anonymous


    Thank you for the helpful article.

    I have one question. Is it possible to add a filed in the leads object on salesforce that records the number of time a subscriber 1.Opens the email. 2. Clicks on the email.

    Thank you in Advance


    1. OK, for a start, I strongly recommend you don't add MC Subscriber Activity to Salesforce, there is just too much data bought in. Secondly the data is not complete - check out Bryan's comment above. 

      You can always click on the link on the Contact or Lead record and View the Subscriber in Mailchimp to see their whole history. 

      So, the answer is no, unfortunately. 

  17. Anonymous

    ***field instead of filled in the above comment

  18. Anonymous


    If I want to use SF to create a MailChimp campaign and only send it to a particular MC Group in the MC list, how do I do this?


    1. Firstly, only use Salesforce to get your Subscribers into Mailchimp - do anything with Groups, Segments and Campaigns in Mailchimp. 

      So, it's pretty straightforward, if you already have the Group created in Mailchimp you will just create a Segment based on that Group and then send the Campaign just to that Segment. Here's the Mailchimp help article on that

      Let me know if I haven't got the gist of what you are asking though. 

  19. Anonymous

    Hi All,


    If I have previously added MC Subscriber Activity to Salesforce, what is the best method for stopping new MC Subscriber Activity from being created in our Salesforce Org?  Will changing the MC Subscriber Activity Object from DELOYED to IN DEVELOPMENT achieve this?

    1. Firstly, do NOT change an object o In Development - it will probably break things. 

      It sounds like you have an old version of Mailchimp for Salesforce. 

      In the newer versions of MC4SF you should see this Sync Setting field. 

      In one of my orgs, I could not see that field, but the column was there. The field was not visible to any users. So I clicked on the list name, went to the list detail page, then edited that layout to add the Sync Setting field, and then went to the MC List object, found that field, and set the permissions on that field so it was visible. 

      If your MC List object does not have the Sync Setting field, you will need to upgrade to the latest version of MC4SF. 

      I hope that helps. 

      1. Anonymous

        Hi Jodie

        This field was not visible on our MC List either. I also went and updated the layout on the MC List to make that field visible. I have logged out of salesforce and logged back in, yet that field is still not showing on the MC List. Do you know where I may be going wrong?

        1. Sorry, difficult one to diagnose on an an anonymous thread. Please contact me and I will try to help, maybe by screen sharing or something. 

  20. Anonymous

    So similar to some of the other comments above, running into data issues.   One of our MC lists is huge (high 6 figures) - and I want to delete all the subscribers out of salesforce.

    I believe I am in the clear - but if I use dataloader to delete the subscibers out of SF for that massive list - and do NOT have sync turned on for that list in SF, I should be fine, correct? It won't have any ramifications on the Mailchimp data side correct?

    1. Anonymous

      While I am not entirely sure of the answer to your question, I have a means of keeping those contacts stored as a backup. In Mailchimp, once you select your list and have a table of all contacts visible, there is a button that says "Export List". This will save all of your contacts and their information as a CSV file and just incase you do lose those contacts from mailchimp during the process you outline above you can then reupload this CSV into Mailchimp again after. 

    2. Yes, that is correct, on both points. 

  21. Anonymous


    Is it possible to add additional custom fields to MC Campaign?
    I added a field (lookup), it is visible but I can not change it within MC Campaign.

    How can I make sure that I can fill it?

    1. My tip is to always make sure you do the field changes to Mailchimp from within Mailchimp. Next time you sync the list in Salesforce, you will be able to map the fields. 

      Also after the field is mapped, and you want to update the data, it won't acutally update in Mailchimp, which is completely bonkers. 

      So I find that I need to completely delete the mailchimp query then re-create the query to get it to recognise that the Salesforce data has changed. 

      So for me, I really try to limit the data that is synced to Mailchimp to very static data. 


  22. Anonymous

    HI Do I send the campaign out of mailchimp or out of salesforce?



    1. Sorry for the delay in responding. I always do Mailchimp things in Mailchimp. So sending Campaigns, creating Templates etc - do that all in Mailchimp.

  23. Anonymous

    Hi Jodie!

    Thank you for this post, it is very helpful!

    I also need to watch my members activity related to a specific campaign, into my salesforce. Like you show it in your article, I setup my contact and lead page layouts to add Membership layout and the MC subsciber field. Whilst the activity is shown as open or not open in my MC campaign list in SF and in Mailchimp (but not a print of my forwarded emails why?), the MC subscriber field shows Member activity - no record to display.
    I spent a lot of time trying to figure this out, trying with campaign and with automation.  I would really appreciate your help! 

    I have only one list. I also tried with my own coded template emails. I also activated the right trackings before to launch the campaigns.


  24. Anonymous

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  25. Anonymous

    Hi Jodie, we are experiencing a strange behaviour, I have mapped all available fields in salesforce to mailchimp fields (my mailchimp list has more fields than salesforce)

    I made a query with 3 filters wich updates every night at 1 o clock.

    We noticed that the fields wich aren't mapped to salesforce are being filled in with data from the salesforce contacts. Also it seems the query filter is ignored sometimes. Do you possibly have an explanation for this because it is driving me nuts...

    Thank you 

    1. Ah that would be the Mailchimp for Salesforce bug. I have been trying to get Mailchimp to fix this bug for many months now, and recently they said that they won't fix it, but they are rebuilding their app but they have no timeline on doing that. So basically it seems that if you get this bug, no Mailchimp for you. It's infuriating! Sorry! I don't have a better answer. 

  26. Anonymous

    This is a great resource, but I have one question ... how do you add a contact in SF to a Mailchimp segment?  I thought that adding a contact to a SF Campaign that is synced with a MC master list and segment would do it but the contact doesn't get into the MC segment.  Do I need to add them in "Mailchimp Subscriptions" instead?  Many thanks.

  27. Anonymous

    HI Jodie- Thanks so much for your post. I ran a campaign and the stats show up in SF MC Campaigns but what I really need is for the contact and lead layouts to show or have a link within the lead or contact to show if that contact or lead opened a given campaign like salesforce campaigns do in the HTML Email Status list showing date sent/opened/#times opened/ last time opened. I see that it is not advisable to integrate all membership info but what is the best way to do this? I do not see how to add the related MC lists onto my layout when I edit layouts. LMK if there is a simple how-to on this.



  28. Anonymous

    Thank you for this great post!  Without some of these things explained, trying to figure out what's happening (and what's not happening, and why) between Mailchimp and Salesforce has caused me to bang my head against the wall quite a few times! 


  29. Anonymous

    Love this guide! I'm using checkboxes in SFDC to have different groups (newsletter, events, volunteers), then use a query to put these Contacts to the MC groups. If someone signs up from MC the checkboxes don't get checked. Is that something I can map from MC to Contact so when they sign up for Events directly from MC it is checked in SFDC?

  30. Anonymous

    Thank you for this guide- the step however between creating the mail campaign in SF and then switching to MC in SF and doing a query is not seemingly working....nothing gets pulled. 

  31. Anonymous

    Definitely, what a fantastic website and informative posts, I definitely will bookmark your blog.All the Best! fgdebbdeeddcgbdk

  32. Anonymous

    y questions are.. and i apologize if this is basic, been asked/  answered before.

    1. How to push some fields from mail chimp to SF. I have a few fields that i would like to appear in the lead list in SF.such as company name.
    2. Reason is .. account already exists. and ideally we can easily add the lead to the account when we convert it to a contact. 



  33. Anonymous

    Hello, the following error messages are displayed in the "MC Campaign Details" area:
    Content can not be displayed: SObject row was retrieved via SOQL without querying the requested field: MC4SF__MC_Campaign__c.MC4SF__Report_Password__c
    What does this mean?
  34. Anonymous


    Are you able to have a report within SF showing SF Contacts linked to a certain MC or SF Campaign also showing how many clicks and opens ?

    Many Thanks 

    Grace Davidson 

  35. Anonymous

    Hello, we created a MC campaign targeted to both SF Contacts and Leads, activating the "Salesforce: track member activity" option. Unfortunately, the member activity is updated in SF only for contacts and not for leads: what can we do to track member activity also for leads?


    Erich Giordano

  36. Anonymous

    Hi - I am really struggling as I cannot figure out how to turn OFF the Auto sync of all of the click data into Salesforce from Mailchimp that then appears under the "Notes & Attachments.  Are you able to post steps on where to find this?  I have been referencing the mail chimp support and the directions do not make any sense. Primarily under the Pass Subscriber Data, I have not been able to locate these options to enable or disable the track campaign stats or track member activity.





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