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Syncs Mailchimp with Salesforce

Clean up Mailchimp

DO NOT install this app if Mailchimp is in a bit of a mess. Clean up Mailchimp first, then sync to Salesforce.  



On Install, grant access to all third party sites. The Login.mailchimp is encrypted, but the api sites are not. 

Once installed go to the Mailchimp App. 

Login to Mailchimp. It uses OAuth which is good. Remember to select the right account when you are in Mailchimp so you don't accidentally sync the wrong Mailchimp org with your org (if you have multiple orgs in your Mailchimp account). 

At this stage I would strongly advise against creating Leads in Salesforce, UNLESS you have a number of relevant fields in Mailchimp. 

Choose to Map Fields

It will go through each of the lists you have in Mailchimp and ask you how you are going to map the Mailchimp fields to Salesforce Leads and Contacts. 


 At this stage ensure you set the Sync Setting to "Sync Subscribers Only" or keeping only around 7 days of data. It is completely irrelevant to sync any more data than that as it is already in Mailchimp, you can get to it in one click from the Contact, and it just chews up your Salesforce Data Usage. 

The Mailchimp Setup Dashboard will be shown with all your Lists and all your Campaigns. 

Set up the Contact and Lead Page Layouts as per the documentation. 

Click to turn on Hourly Sync. If all fields in your lists have not been mapped, it will warn you. All fields in your lists SHOULD be mapped. 


See How to Use Mailchimp for Salesforce

Group Edition Usage:

We can only create a limited set of reports with MailChimp in Group Edition, as it does not support custom report types. Reports on contacts that have MC subscriber associated to it are possible to create. However, we can not create reports on MC Subscriber that does not have contact associated with it  and reports with contacts that do not have MC subscriber.

Except for this limitation, Mailchimp works great in Group Edition.

Setting up Mailchimp and Mailchimp for Salesforce from scratch

  • Create Mailchimp Account. 
  • Edit the Settings
    • Date / Time and Format settings
    • Verify your domains
    • Decide if your emails are public (and have an archive page) or private. 
  • Set up your profile
  • Set up one (or more, but not usual) List(s) and set List Information including your address and the "reason you are on the list" field. 
  • Add the fields to the list that you want to capture. 
    • Have a good reason for anything other than First Name, Last Name and Email Address
    • Eg to properly segment your data. 
    • And do you even need their name? What are you going to do with it. 
  • Create a Template for your Campaign. There are a few ways to do this:
    • Use one of the standard templates
    • Get a designer to design a template for you. 
    • Contact me to get in contact with a great template developer who can create you a great template from any design for very little cost. 
  • Create a Campaign
    • Create a test one to start
    • Optionally link to Social Media
  • Test your campaign
    • It's a good idea to test receiving to Gmail and Outlook and on the desktop, tablet and mobile phone. 
  • Import your data
    • Old contacts you have in a CSV file. 
  • Install Mailchimp for Salesforce
  • Connect Mailchimp to Salesforce
  • Sync Mailchimp with Salesforce
  • Report on contacts that are in Mailchimp but not Salesforce 
    • Decide if they need to be in Salesforce - you may not have enough information to create the contacts in Salesforce. 
  • Create any Mailchimp Queries to add new contacts from Salesforce to Mailchimp. 
  • Create your real Campaign.
    • Test it.
  • Send your campaign to your contacts!


1 Comment

  1. Anonymous

    Hey Jodie, Brian <at> again. Here's my experience of using the MailChimp managed package for SFDC that I documented and sent to MailChimp after I had such a HORRIBLE time setting up and sending a campaign:

    "The Salesforce integration could really use some improvements. Here are the EXACT steps I had to take in order for me to create a campaign, build a list and add members after installing the package into SFDC:

    Navigate to “MC Campaigns” tab in SFDC click “New”
    Receive "MC Campaigns cannot be created from” message
    Login to MC and create new Campaign
    Return to SFDC
    Navigate to “MC Setup” tab in SFDC click “New Query”
    Must create a List in MC
    Login to MC and create List
    Return to SFDC 
    Navigate to “MC Setup” tab
    Click on “Refresh All” under “MailChimp Lists” section
    Find List and click “Map Fields”
    Click drop down, select “Text” and name it “Company”
    Discover “Account Name” is not available from Contact Object
    Navigate to SETUP > CUSTOMIZE > CONTACTS > FIELDS > NEW > FORMULA TEXT > “Account.Name” 
    Return to “MC Setup” tab
    Click “New Query”
    Select List and click “Next Step”
    Check the “Leads” box
    Discover “Converted” box is not available
    Select Lead Status
    Discover I must type out the EXACT Status for each one
    Navigate back to SETUP > CUSTOMIZE > LEADS > LEAD FIELDS > LEAD STATUS > PRINTABLE VIEW > COPY > OPEN NOTE PAD > PASTE > Remove everything I don't want > Delete the line breaks after each value > add a comma in between each value > COPY > Return to MC Query filter > Paste
    Come to realization that using the report I already have created with APEX Data loader will be much faster.
    Navigate to SETUP > CUSTOMIZE > LEADS > LEAD FIELDS > NEW > Add CHECKBOX Field > “Add to MC List"
    Navigate to “Reports Tab” and open my saved report
    Remove all columns and add Object ID and the “Add to MC List” Checkbox I just created
    Run Report
    Export Details
    Download .CSV
    Open .CSV in Excel
    Type “True” in the “Add to MC List” Checkbox column then Drag down to re-create for all 1,886 records
    keep dragging
    keep dragging
    almost done, keep dragging
    annnnd done dragging
    Save .CSV
    Open APEX Data Loader and Select UPDATE
    Attempt to login and have to reset TOKEN
    Return to SFDC
    Login to GMAIL
    Wait for text message because of 2-step authentication
    Open email from SFDC and copy Token
    Return to APEX Data Loader
    Login with UN/PW and TOKEN
    Select Lead Object > Choose .CSV > NEXT > EDIT FIELD MAPPING > Update
    Return to SFDC 
    Navigate to “MC Setup” tab
    Click “New Query”
    Select List and click “Next Step”
    Check the “Leads” box
    Add criteria under "MC Query Filters” for Leads where "Add to MC List” equals “TRUE”
    Click on “Run Now”
    Return to MC and send a couple test emails to see <<TEST COMPANY>> merge tag in the subject line and the body. 
    Send campaign

    Panic, scream, and drop numerous <<EXPLETIVE>> after <<EXPLETIVE>> when I discover that after ALL the effort I put into getting the list built, when I created the custom formula field for the Contact Object to pull in the Account Name that I FORGOT TO MAP THE <<EXPLETIVE>> FIELD and EVERY.SINGLE.MESSAGE went out with the subject line: "Will *|COMPANY|* be at Dreamforce?” and THE BEST was in the email body where we “…would love to connect with you and the rest of the *|COMPANY|* team on the expo floor."

    Awesome. Facepalm.

    PLEASE help save someone else from experiencing this horrible humiliation and do a SIMPLE check that if a merge field is being used in an email that THE FIELD IS ACTUALLY MAPPED. (Hey Buddy…we see ya got “*|COMPANY|*” as a merge field in the TO: line, in the SUBJECT LINE and in the email BODY... but in the list you’ve only mapped *|FNAME|* and *|LNAME|* are you sure ya wanna send that out????)

    Here are detailed notes as it relates to using the SFDC integration:

    MailChimp Member Queries: 

    1) From the "MC Query" related object, it would be helpful to load via Salesforce reports instead of the building query filters. Let SFDC do all the work and it'll fix these issue below: 

    1.1) The query filters don't support all of the available fields such as the system checkbox "Converted" to remove any leads converted into a Account/Contact. 

    1.2) Selecting a field that is a picklist, checkbox, date field type etc requires the user to type out the literals. (ie selecting Lead Status from the drop down should give me a lookup to check a box next to the Statuses to include/exclude, and not require that I remember every single Lead Status/Lead Source and type it out...well spell it correctly I should say)

    MC LIST Field Mapping for the Contact Object:

    Company Name (or ANYTHING from the Account) isn't available. I had to create a custom formula field to pull in the Company name. (Ironically, there is no Account lookup information available to Map, but all Account fields are available when creating Member Queries, and the "Converted" field on Leads shows up that it can be mapped, but not in Member Queries.)"

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