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Oh, the new new Object Manager is quite good. There are still a few issues though. 


  • I just want to look at only custom objects - When I'm looking at an org I've never seen before I want to only see custom objects. Custom is the only field you can't sort on. 
    • Ooh tip - Sort on Deployed - all the standard objects will appear down the bottom. Cool. 
  • I don't want to see Orders and Contracts and other unused objects in my list ALL THE TIME - if I am not using those objects, I could easily ignore them in Classic. 
  • Why can't I favourite Objects to appear in the top of my Objects menu just like I can with all records.
  • If I want to search for a field starting with W I still have to scroll all the way down until the W fields appear. Why are fields starting with A so important that they appear when you first view the object - why can't I just see ALL fields. 

Object Detail


  • The action drop down on the right and the name link on the left is annoying. 


  • The separate tab - wait until Profiles are on a separate tab too - or what if we could choose which tabs we wanted???
  • The quick menu on the side to get to each section.
  • The filter 
  • The breadcrumbs to get back to object. 
  • You can sort on field type. 


  • If I want to jump to a report or a record, I have to go back to another app first - extra clicks which is annoying. 
  • Search is confusing. I am in setup and I want to search for a record - nope. You have to go back to an app first. 
  • You can't see at a glance which fields have history tracking - why oh why take this stuff away!?


  • I want to see the namespaces in its own column so I can quickly avoid looking at all the fields added by a particular app. (At least I can sort on API name now). 
  • I want to see only custom fields - again I could avoid looking at the standard fields that I don't use because I would just jump down to the custom fields.
    • Why can't I filter on Custom
  • There is no way to quickly see which fields are custom or standard.


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