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Ooh, now this is an interesting component. Something that Microsoft Dynamics CRM has had for a few years now. Finally in Salesforce!

  • Use it with care - you could have a number of them on the page.
  • They are difficult to set up because they require at least an Edit Record Quick Action on the related record. 

Use Case - show Image on a Page

I have a record named Asset, and the Assets are all part of a group of Assets - the Asset Catalog. The Asset Catalog has an image field - just a Rich Text field where they paste the image in there (yeah, I could do a URL and a VF page to show it, but I just wanted it easy for them to get the images in there). 

When they are working on the Asset, I want them to quickly see an image of it, so they know at a glance it is the right asset. 

So, how do I show a Lightning Component with just one field on it. A Related Record Component. 

  • Luckily this image was in a related record, because you could not do it otherwise, I don't think.


  • Create a Quick Action on the Asset Catalog object named Image Only - an Update Record Action. 
    • Add the image field onto the QA Layout. 
    • Don't add the Quick Action onto the Lightning Actions bar on the page layout. 
  • Drag the Related Record component onto the Assets Lightning page. 
    • Choose the related record of Asset Catalog
    • Choose the Image Only Quick Action for the Edit Action.
    • Save
    • Refresh the page 10 times to get it to display. 


  • The users have to have Edit access on the Image field or this Rich Text field won't even display on the Related Record component.
  • The users can Edit the image from the Asset - not ideal, because they might think it's only just for that Asset. 
  • The image needs to be a reasonably small size for it to not look comical. 

End Result




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  1. Anonymous

    Just a note - you can't use this component with an image formula field. The image formula field can be added to the page, but won't display at all. SUPER big drawback

    -Brent Downey


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