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 Oh FFS Images just don't work well.

  • Embed an image in the doucument - it doesn't download in the email.
  • Use the Include Image from URL Syntax <<Contact_MyField__Image>> and it doesn't work
  • Use Link to File and include a publicly accessible image from Salesforce and it doesn't download in the email

HOW are you meant to include an image in your email? Grrr!

At this stage you CAN NOT do images in your email. Drawloop Support say that there is a way to do it with Component Groups (see below), but that doesn't work with Gmail. So no images for you. This is not good, but Drawloop say they are working on it.

titleEmail Subject


There is no option anywhere to To set the email Email Subject ?

How can you auto send this email without a Subject?

How can you include merge fields in the subject without a Subject?  you need to edit the Email layout of Delivery Options to add the Subject Field.

The Subject then works with Merge Fields 


  • Use the wizard to create a basic DDP - oops sorry, Document Package now. 
  • Set the document properties to send as an Email Body - this is the main thing that makes it an email. This is in that weird cog icon in the weird flash based part of the screen. I do hope they fix this in Lightning. 


  • Add a few fields to your word document and re-upload it. 
  • Read the instructions - set the word document as the Email Template - IMPORTANT! 
    • The Select Email Template screen has now changed, and you can choose a document or an email as a template. Cool. 
  • Test the email. 
  • And NOPE, I get an error and can't continue. 
  • Include this Error Id if you contact Drawloop Support: 68bf795f-17c5-4d1e-8017-32c9df895687
  • Off to Drawloop Support. 
  • Of course I could not let this go, and tried and tried again. 
  • It works from Contacts. So let's continue working this from Contacts.
  • And as I thought, it's UGLY. UGLY. UGLY. 



The file is STILL attaching as a PDF even though I have asked it not to. AND The PDF is 0kb and is not downloadable so it looks really terrible, like you are sending a phishing scam. 

I have tried

  • Ensuring Output Filename is not entered
  • Ensuring Email as email body is selected
  • Ensuring that Document Output Type on the delivery option is not entered.


  • I tried to Dynamically Include Template Files - it caused an error.
  • I even tried Optional and it said it must be included, so that's why the Dynamically included did not work.


ARE YOU MEANT TO DELETE IT EVERY TIME? So NO Automated documents then?HERE is the Trick! Thank you Drawloop support for getting back to me.

On the Email Delivery Option choose Separate PDFs

The only one I did NOT try!

Image Added


OK, I give up for now. You can sort of send an email, but due to the lack of images, it is no better, well actually worse, then a bog standard HTML Email template. Granted, I haven't tried complex editing scenarios, but if I can't get a stupid logo in the top of my email, It's just not going to happen is it. a no-goer at the moment.


So, let's try these Reusable Content chunks shall we? Let's see if we can get further with these. 


Still not sure about how you use the same components on different packages, but that's yet to find out. 


Ah, dammit, I got an error.

Back to support. 



It looks like if you have an older version of Drawloop that you have upgraded, you have to ask Support to enable Component Groups. This is not so great, but once it's enabled it then works. 

TBA when I do more testing.