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Now, there is a known issue that some buttons or static text aren't translated - and the resolution is to not use Napili at all. And another known issue about search results but none of those are showstoppers for me. Having to manually set redirection links etc - that is a showstopper.  

Places to enter Translations

  • Administer > Translation Workbench > Translate
    • Custom Field > Case > Field Label - any fields added to the Global Action for submitting a support case
      • Note: Despite hover help text being available in Communities in Winter '17 the Help Text does not show as translated. 
    • Custom Field > (your Knowledge object) > Field Label - all your custom Knowledge fields. 
    • Managed Topic > Field Label - all the topics displayed in your Community. 
    • Navigation Menu Item - the main navigation - weird that it's here and not in Navigation. 
  • Customize > Tab Names and Labels > Rename Tabs and Labels
    • Choose Language from the drop down list. 
    • Edit the Case to change the labels for the fields to appear on the Global Action for Support Cases. 
  • Customize > Communities > All Communties > Builder
    • Go through each page and each object on each page, whilst in the other language view, and update all static text and button and help text.