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Or tell me in the comments on what basis you would use this feature. 


Limitations of Activities - Tasks (Classic)

Disable reminder Checkbox on Tasks - go to


Change your preferences for receiving Activity notification

Go to your name (top right) > My Settings > enter Reminders in the Quick Find box, then select Activity Reminders. Change the settings as desired.


Considerations for Using Tasks in Salesforce Classic
More info:

There are a number of Fields that you cant access in Reports while trying to report on Tasks.

Two such Fields are:
* Repeat This Task
* Recurrence Interval

Some others are listed here.

You can access them via Process Builder - but not through creating a Formula field... sigh :(

I wanted to report on these fields so i created a Process Builder process that updated a new custom field in Tasks. Creating a custom field is different in Tasks. Go to Customize > Activities > Activity Custom Fields > click New button.

I created 2 fields called:
Repeat This Task Copy
Recurrence Interval Copy

Then I used them in Process Builder to update the Field Values. Here's a walk-through of that process. 
In Process Builder, start the Process on Task

Criteria = No criteria—just execute the actions!

Update Records = Update Custom Field Values > Record = [Task] > No criteria—just update the records!

Set new field values for the records you update


Recurrence Interval Copy > Formula > Text([Task].RecurrenceInterval)

Repeat This Task Copy > Formula >
IF ( Text([Task].RecurrenceRegeneratedType)= "RecurrenceRegenerateAfterDueDate", "After Due Date",
IF ( Text([Task].RecurrenceRegeneratedType)= "RecurrenceRegenerateAfterToday", "After Date Completed",
IF ( Text([Task].RecurrenceRegeneratedType)= "RecurrenceRegenerated", "Task Closed","")))

Save and make Active.

Obviously, you need to add the Custom Fields that you have created to your Report column headers.

If you don't use the formula above - your report will return the messy looking values below... which is fine if you don't mind.

Standard ResultNew Result
RecurrenceRegenerateAfterDueDateAfter Due Date
RecurrenceRegenerateAfterTodayAfter Date Completed 
RecurrenceRegenerateTask Closed 



This is much easier for end users to glance and take action... or not (smile)