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Ugh, who thought of this? It should be really good - when you first look at it you think it's really good, but then you use it for real and oh boy it's missing some stuff.Oh, the new new Object Manager is quite good. There are still a few issues though. 


  • I just want to look at only custom objects - When I'm looking at an org I've never seen before I want to only see custom objects. Custom is the only field you can't sort on. 
    • Ooh tip - Sort on Deployed - all the standard objects will appear down the bottom. Cool. 
  • I don't want to see Orders and Contracts and other unused objects in my list ALL THE TIME - if I am not using those objects, I could easily ignore them in Classic. 
  • Why can't I favourite Objects to appear in the top of my Objects menu just want to open multiple objects in different tabs by right clicking - why is this too hard? 
  • The create button is a bit useless 
  • like I can with all records.
  • If I want to search for a field starting with W I still have to scroll all the way down until the W fields appear. Why are fields starting with A so important that they appear when you first view the object - why can't I just see ALL fields. 

Object Detail


  • The action drop down on the right and the name link on the left is annoying. 


  • The quick links to drop down separate tab - wait until Profiles are on a separate tab too - or what if we could choose which tabs we wanted???
  • The quick menu on the side to get to each section.
  • The filter 
  • The breadcrumbs to get back to object. 
  • You can sort on field type. 


  • If I want to jump to a report or a record, I have to go back to another app first - extra clicks which is annoying. 
  • Search is confusing. I am in to edit a view and then I can't get BACK! I have to click Object Manager again, then choose the most recent object!  setup and I want to search for a record - nope. You have to go back to an app first. 
  • You can't see at a glance which fields have history tracking - why oh why take this stuff away!?


  • I want to see the namespaces in its own column so I can quickly avoid looking at all the fields added by a particular app. (At least I can sort on API name now). 
  • I want to see only custom fields - again I could avoid looking at the standard fields that I don't use because I would just jump down to the custom fields.
    • Why can't I filter on Custom


  • I can't see the namespace of the triggerThere is no way to quickly see which fields are custom or standard.